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December 2013


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Illustration Studies and the Infinite Archive

by David Skilton


Real and Virtual Illustration: Visual Memory and Early-Modern Speaking Pictures

by Roy Eriksen

Avant-Garde and Baroque: The Possible Third in Gunnar Wærness, Bli verden

by Jahn Holljen Thon

Texts Disclosing Nothing: Michael Maier, Atalanta fugiens (1617), and Gunnar Wærness, Bli verden (2007)

by Andreas Lombnæs

Law and Multimodal Aesthetics: Nils-Aslak Valkeapää’s Trekways of the Wind

by Bjarne Markussen


Debate: Intersemiotic Complementarity
Can modern multimodality theories help us understand the semantic relationship between word and image in texts from the seventeenth century?

by Jahn Holljen Thon

ISSN 1753-9528