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Paola Spinozzi

Senior Lecturer in English, University of Ferrara

Paola Spinozzi is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Ferrara, who researches the theories and methodologies of comparatism between literature and the visual arts, and verbal/visual aesthetics in the Victorian age and in Pre-Raphaelitism. She is the author of Sopra il reale. Osmosi interartistiche nel Preraffaellitismo e nel Simbolismo inglese (Firenze, Alinea, 2005), and articles on W. Morris, D.G. Rossetti, W. Crane, A.S. Byatt, and the supernatural in Shakespeareā€™s plays. She is currently preparing with E. Bizzotto a critical edition of The Germ (1850). She has also worked extensively on utopian and dystopian literature.

Articles in the Journal of Illustration Studies

Interarts and Illustration: Some Historical Antecedents, Theoretical Issues, and Methodological Orientations.

Articles, December 2007