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Notes for Contributors

Contributions, which should normally be of around 6,000 words including notes, should follow the MHRA Style Guide. A Handbook for Authors and Editors, 3rd edn (London: Modern Humanities Research Association,  2013)  ISBN 978-1-78188-009-8

Examples of citations can be found in the notes which appear at the end of articles in previous issues of JOIS.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as email attachments to, and be in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format, with automatic endnotes. It is recommended that for convenience articles should be submitted with images at low resolution, to make electronic transmission between contributor, editors and referees unproblematic. The final version should be provided with images at the resolution required for publication. When accepted and corrected, the final version of the article should be submitted both in hard copy and on a CD or DVD, complete with all its images in TIFF or JPEG format, at a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi and a minimum resolutation 400 dpi.

Cues to images should be inserted in the text in the form ‘(figure 1)’ etc., and should refer to a List of Figures at the end of the essay, in which full details of each image are given, including, where relevant, the holding institution and acknowledgment of permission and copyright. The titles of stand-alone works of art should be italicised. Titles of individual images from books or periodicals should be enclosed in single quotation marks.

The entry for an image from an illustrated book or journal should be in the form

ARTIST, ‘TITLE’ [where relevant]

MEDIUM, dimensions in millimetres (height x width)

engraver, etc. [where known]


[Author and work, set out following the style for a first reference in a note to an article], p. [page number]. Where the page on which the image occurs is not in the run of page numbers of the book or periodical, the exact placing should be given, as recto [or verso] facing p. [page number].

Examples of the metadata required with images can be found in the articles in previous issues.

A separate list of the captions which are to appear with each thumbnail image in the text should also be supplied. These should be brief and informative in the context of the text with which they are to be read. They will often specify the artist, and may identify the image in words which appear with the printed image in the original work. Captions which use text from the original work should be in one of the following forms

in sentence style and within single quotation marks, where the caption consists of a string taken from the text. Unnecessary doubling of quotation marks should be avoided in case in which the string is already in quotation marks in the text – e.g. ‘It’s all the fault of the naughty birds.’, and not ‘“It’s all the fault of the naughty birds.”’ On the other hand, for clarity, two layers of quotation marks are necessary in such a case as ‘“Mark,’” she said, “the men are here.”’

in title style and in inverted commas – e.g. ‘Christmas at Noningsby – Morning’

Where there is no title or caption, a description of the image in relation to the text may be given: –

e.g. Image above stanza one

Vignette at head of chapter 47

or Illustrated initial capital to chapter 76.

Images which are considered in detail in the argument of the article should be provided as TIFF or JPEG format at a maximum resolution of 1200dpi and a minimum resolution 400dpi. Other images may be supplied in JPEG format at low resolution (but no less than 72dpi). In case of doubt, contributors should consult the editors at .


Contributors are responsible for their own permissions, including renewals, when and if they fall due, and the article when submitted in its final form should be accompanied by the following signed statement in hard copy or pdf:

I/we certify that the reproduction rights for all illustrations in my/our article


to be published in the Journal of Illustration Studies in electronic form, have been cleared with, and where applicable paid to, the owners of the respective images [for N years from DATE].

Signature(s) of author(s)……………………………………………….



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